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Publish Your Book in 90 Days! Gain Credibility & Demonstrate Authenticity!

Ultimate Branding

Brand360 offers the ultimate coverage that utilizes the 6 major visibility platforms to enhance your brand image.

Mobile Marketing

If your marketing plan doesn’t include mobile marketing, then your strategy is incomplete!

Video Marketing

It’s not about how you upload a video, it’s the strategy you use to upload it.

Social Marketing

Marketing isn’t about the stuff you sell, it’s about the stories you tell.


Personalize your Brand and Enhance Brand Value. Here at Brand6, We are committed to identify, honor, recognize brands and businesses by building bonds and bringing their inspiring success stories to the world. Make your brand stand out and capture the desired market by giving a perfect perception that your company needs.

01 Publish Your Book in 90 Days

Passing on the experience you’ve gained over the years is no easy task, but we can help you write and publish your book within 90 days. We will also showcase you in our Success Factor series.

02 Be Featured on

Getting recognized as a published author is just as important as writing your book, and we can do that by getting you featured on Amazon. Sit back and relax while they market your book for you!

03 Launch Your Book Trailer

We will create a professional book trailer to promote your book with our production crew, giving your readers a glimpse of what your book offers, and making them curious to find out more.

04 Become a Successful Brand Ambassador

Being a brand of your company will change the people’s perception of you and they will start to admire you. We will promote you and your company to ensure that you become a successful brand ambassador.

05 Personalized Image Management

Your public image is just as important as your brand. We are experts at image management and will develop and increase your perceived image and ensure that you experience a 10X Growth in brand value.

06 Share Your Success Story via Global Press Release

The world must become inspired by what you do. We provide the perfect way to make that happen. A global press release puts your story out there, and we’ll arrange for you to be featured on major networks.

Brand 360

Brand360 offers 360 degrees, all round, brand coverage that utilizes the 6 major online brand visibility platforms to announce your brand to the world.

Creative branding

Express your brand through our creative branding service. We will help you create logos, designs, banners and everything else that is required to enhance the sales and the value of your brand.

Web Branding

We will work with you to create a stunning branded website, complete with a landing page, solutions site, content and a sales page for your products and/or services to generate revenue.

Content Branding Marketing

We will support your brand website by creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content, so you attract a target audience and retain them over time.

Search Branding

Allow Google to bring your brand to the front of a search. This will position your brand in such a way that you get hits every time someone googles a keyword that is related to your specific brand.

Social Branding

Social Media is no longer a place for people, but for companies to market their brand. By marketing, your brand through reputable social networking sites, you can establish a strong online in the market.

Video Branding

Let’s help you produce branded content that is funded or outrightly produced by an advertiser to appear on television, online, in video games, at events, and other installations.


Angela and the feds push Tommy to flip on Lobos or spend his life in prison, while Ghost considers doing the honorable thing.

Umbrella Package

$25 per month

Some people have bad days

The world including everyone

Storms out of the office

Struggles with his diagnosis

Order Now

Standard Package

$35 per month

Some people have bad days

The world including everyone

Storms out of the office

Struggles with his diagnosis

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Anchor Package

$45 per month

Some people have bad days

The world including everyone

Storms out of the office

Struggles with his diagnosis

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Design is the silent ambassadors of your brand

We will ensure they’ll remember you forever.


There is hardly anyone alive today who does not have a mobile phone. This is why mobile branding is quickly gaining popularity in the branding community.

01 Mobile Apps

We will create your own, exclusive brand mobile app, which we will then launch and market on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

02 Mobile Responsive Site

We will support you to create a website whose layout and/or content adapts to the size of the device screen it’s been viewed on.

03 Mobile App Landing Page

We will work with you to build an amazing mobile app landing page to increase your target audience and user base.

04 Mobile Social Media Marketing

We will use the power of mobile and social media so that a larger number of people can access content from your brand.

05 Mobile Messenger Marketing

By leveraging popular mobile chat platforms, we can facilitate conversations with your potential customers, and drive them to your app.

06 Mobile Ad Network

We will advertise your brand on ad networks by connecting you and your app to reputable websites that host ads.

Products are made in the factory, but brands are creating in the mind

We can help you keep the customers forever!


Our Visual branding package is an approach to reaching your target audience with your brand through professional

01 Corporate/Industry Videos

We will help you create video content that explains what your company does and host the video online by publishing it on your website and on social media.

02 Sales Videos/Ecommerce Videos

Working with you to create a sales video to turn more of your leads into customers and to boost your conversion rate.

03 Social Videos

Social videos are a great way for brands looking to find success on social media. We will help you to create weekly successful social media videos for your brand.

04 Online Ads/Short Commercials

Helping you create online ads and short commercials targeted at helping you expand your reach, find new customers, and diversify your revenue streams.

05 Testimonial/Review Videos

Assisting you to create customer testimonial videos and get your customers to testify how your brand provided a solution to the problem they faced.

06 Product Videos / Infographic Videos

We will help you create product and explainer videos that effectively demonstrate the benefits of your brand.

Be so good they can’t ignore you

Don’t worry! We will elevate to the highest level.

Social 360

You too can now be the proud owner of a promotional video that is specially designed to help you attract new customers and grow your business.

Youtube videos

$99 per month

50 YouTube videos per year. Offer of one-year subscription of $1000. Valid only for the first 100 applicants.

Video SEO

$99 per month

Ensure that at least 4 of your videos are ranked high in the search engines every month.

Social Videos

$99 per month

Creating and posting videos on your social Media on your behalf. Giving you a strong online presence.

Youtube Video Marketing

$99 per month

Enjoy our YouTube Video Marketing, with your brand being featured on YouTube channels with huge subscription bases.

Social Video Marketing

$99 per month

Social Media Video Marketing. So that your brand can find a target audience and dominate the social platform.

Personalized Branding

$99 per month

Personalized Branding. Enhance your public image and outlook by changing people’s perception of you online

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